Thursday, 3 March 2016

Dog Armature 2.0

Wow. Just wow. I am so so glad I decided to remake the dog armature! This one is so much better. See, I wasn't happy with my previous one as I had gotten the proportions slightly wrong, the legs were too long and stuck out too far from the body, giving it proportions more similar to a horse than a dog.... not exactly what I was going for.The head was too small in comparison and really badly sculpted, whereas this new one looks far more like a dog and is nice and smooth (amazing how much your skills can improve over just one more attempt!). I also sculpted the nose in, whereas in the other I left a hole for a nose to be placed in later, but it made more sense to include the nose from the beginning.The beads I am using for eyeballs are larger, so more in proportion with the head. I also bought more epoxy glue so was able to make the bones out of polymorph rather than epoxy resin, which is by far my preferred method. I still used epoxy for the paws, as it was easier to place the claws in, the polymorph set too quickly to be able to do that with much accuracy.

I feel so much more confident about this armature, as the other one was just bothering me. Even though this puppet is just for practice, there is no point going ahead with something you know is bad, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and start again. And I am glad I did.

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